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Are you the parent of an aspiring guitarist?

Benefits of guitar playing include: More confidence, improved self esteem, increased motor skills, better school performance, and more! Plus it's FUN. Kids love it!

Are YOU an aspiring guitarist?

Adult learners tend to think it'll take too long or be too difficult or that it's too late (in life) to start playing. None of this is true. You'll be impressed with what you can do after just a few lessons.

Are you a guitarist stuck in a rut?

Every player reaches a point where they feel "stuck" or "stale". Spend a half-hour with me each week. I will quickly solve your problems and help you unlock new creativity.

Are you a self-taught guitarist with internet burnout?

Trying to teach yourself guitar on the internet can be overwhelming. There's too much information!

How do you know what's important and what isn't? I will tell you.

Are you an older adult with a guitar dream?

It's NEVER too late in life to learn guitar. Many of my BEST students are 60+. Don't put it off. Start now and add the enjoyment of guitar playing to your life.

Hi, I’m Aston.

No matter where you are in life, I can help you with all things guitar! My specialty is turning goals into realities and creating happiness in the lives of my students.

Everyone learns. Everyone plays!

Let’s get started!


Aston Wright

Aston Wright guitar teacher in Mashpee MA pl
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